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A Work Of Art

A series of virtual exhibits and presentations with special focus on Jewish artists, and the popular personalities from Israel’s art scene.

Sessions will take place in the TBDJ Zoom Social Hall.

In partnership with Ronnit Vasserman

of Art Connect Group, New York


Leading Israeli Contemporary Artists

with Ronnit Vasserman

You will learn all about prominent Israeli artists that are highly regarded amongst art communities across the globe. We will discuss reoccurring themes such as the land of Israel, Tanach, war and memory. We will look at art spanning all media; paintings, sculpture, photography, video and performance. Some of the artists that you will learn about are Adi Nes, Ori Gersht, Nir Hod, Sigalit Landau, Michal Rovner and more. These artists have received prestigious prizes, are represented by blue chip galleries, and their works have been featured in the most prestigious fairs, auctions and publications. Some of the artists have even had solo exhibitions at prestigious museums such as the MOMA, Whitney, PEREZ and Louvre.


Artist Spotlight: Shai Azoulay

with Shai Azoulay & Ronnit Vasserman

Born in Israel in 1971, Azoulay lives and works in Jerusalem. He studied at the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem. In November 2020, Shai won the prestigious Landau Prize. The judges noted: “In the body of his works, Shai Azoulay consistently, soberly and uncompromisingly examines the painter’s work in the studio and his place in society in general and in Israeli society and the Jewish religion in particular, all with reference to the history of art and Western painting tradition. Mixes with the color table in the studio or the pieces of Matisse’s paper form the wings of a floating Chagall painter. In separating formal-medium inquiry from a figurative approach, Azoulay’s sincere and realistic-reflexive painting is an unusual, yet local voice in every tone.”


Artist Spotlight: Tigist Yoseph Ron

with Tigist Yoseph Ron & Ronnit Vasserman

Tigist Yoseph Ron’s expressive charcoal drawings depict portraits, events, and impressions from the Atlit Absorption Center, where she stayed with her family after immigrating to Israel in Operation Moses in 1984. Yoseph Ron engages with questions of identity and self-determination through an exploration of her relationship with her mother, who died when she was sixteen years old, and against the backdrop of the crisis of immigration from Ethiopia to Israel. Her engagement with the difficulties of integration into a new society and the price it entails also illuminates the stereotypes that inform the social attitude toward others.


Chagall: The Quintessential Jewish Artist of the 20th Century

with Ronnit Vasserman

Marc Chagall was a Russian-French artist who worked in a variety of media but is most renowned for his paintings. During his time, he was the foremost Jewish artist in the world and has since been referred to as “the quintessential Jewish artist of the twentieth century”. Chagall is most known for his vibrant use of color to attract the viewer’s attention. His artworks are usually lively and imaginative and often combine Cubism and Fauvism with his folkish style. This lecture will cover his most iconic works. We will explore how the places he lived, his personal background and current events impacted his art.


Seated in Seclusion: Bratslav Hasidim and Contemporary Design

with Eran Lederman & Ronnit Vasserman

Currently on display at the Israel Museum. Hitbodedut – self-secluded prayer and introspection – is practiced by Bratslav Hasidim in forests throughout Israel. These Hasidim use the salvaged parts of old chairs to create “new” chairs for this very purpose. Photographs of some of these chairs documented by industrial designer and exhibition co-curator Eran Lederman are displayed alongside chairs created by contemporary designers and accompanied by quotes attributed to Rabbi Nahman. This encounter of objects from different worlds invites exploration of the meaning hidden inside an object, delving into cross-cultural concepts of nature and civilization, self-seclusion and repair.

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