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Our Journey Continues

We are very excited to present our programming lineup for the Fall/Winter of 2020-21.

Please look through our offerings and join us.



Rabbi Yechezkel Freundlich

We are very excited to present to you our 2020-21 Fall/Winter Programming lineup. It goes without saying that the pandemic that has defined 2020 has changed virtually everything in our lives. One thing it has not effected is our ability to continue learning together! In fact, one of the few clearly identified positives of the pandemic is that the shift to Zoom has actually created easier access to programs, classes and learning opportunities.

This winter in particular, many snowbirds will be nesting at home. With social distancing and limitations on gatherings, there are fewer places to go and connect. With that in mind, we have emphasized creating programming that will be far ranging in scope, present more opportunities for mid-day engagement, and include opportunities for social interaction online.
It is our hope that we have succeeded in creating “something for everyone!” Highlighted below, you will find a full array of traditional Torah classes: In addition to our ongoing weekly Lunch n’ Learn, Gemarah shiur and daily Ramban (available live and on WhatsApp), we are introducing a new weekly midday 20-minute series on Hilchot Brachot (The Laws of Blessings on Food) as well as a new Advanced Chumash shiur based on the teachings of Rav Chaim Yaakov Goldvicht z”l. We are also very pleased to launch TBDJ’s Women’s Initiative under the guidance of our Yoetzet Rifki, which will include monthly Rosh Chodesh classes amongst other women’s classes and programs. 
This year’s Monday Night Lecture series will focus on Modern Jewish History, beginning with the Mussar Movement of the early 1800s through the end of the First World War, laying the groundwork that led to the creation of the State of Israel.
Special programming this year will include a book club and film club, ‘Virtual Diaspora’ - online tours of Jewish communities throughout the world, a new art series titled ‘A Work of Art’, a focus on Israel together with NGO Monitor and high profile speakers, and a fun Escape Room activity for families on Chanukah. 
We look forward to continuing our Journey together!
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